Our new cleats provide the optimal experience for every rider. Introducing Easy Release cleats that make it easier to unclip, and Standard Release cleats recommended for intermediate to advanced riders. Both are available in options with or without float.

Understanding Cleat Terminology:

Release: the degree of rotation required for the cleat to release from the pedal.

Float: the degree of free movement allowed by the cleat when clipped into the pedal. 

*XC racers tend to prefer the efficiency and power transfer of 0° float cleats, while more gravity oriented riders, or those with any type of joint or knee problems tend to prefer the mobility of 6° float cleats.

Easy Release cleats feature a forgiving 10° release angle, and are available in 6° or 0° float options.

Standard Release cleats offer 15° release angle, and are available in 6° or 0° float options.

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