PHOTO EPIC: Crankworx Innsbruck

PHOTO EPIC: Crankworx Innsbruck

As the World Cup season takes a quick intermission, Crankworx steps in to offer an array of two-wheeled activity for those riders looking for more time between the tape. 

Crankworx Innsbruck kicked off the week with spectacular views and a good old-fashioned whip-off contest. The entertaining duo of Kaos Seagrave and Kade Edwards put on quite the show for the Austrian crowd, finishing 3rd and 5th respectively. 

The Pump Track challenge had riders face off head to head and chain-less, providing nail-biting racing with winners often decided by tenths and hundredths of seconds. 

Vali Höll’s wave of success continued in Innsbruck, capturing an impressive third place in Pro Women’s pump track. 

A relatively new format, Speed and Style has riders race down a jump-filled course allowing time to be made by tricking certain features. 

We’re not sure what’s going on here but Kaos put in some impressive runs during the event, making it to final 8 riders in the Pro Men’s field. 

Vaea Verbeeck had a busy week in Innsbruck, securing impressive finishes in Whip Off, Pumptrack, and Downhill. 

Some enjoy the more relaxing pace of the Crankworx tour, but for others, it’s business as usual.  Back on top, Tracey Hannah captured the Pro Women’s race win by over 5 seconds!

Youtube/Freeride legend Fabio Wibmer was in attendance at Innsbruck, landing an impressive top 30 finish and having a hell of a time doing it! Notice anything special? 

Bernard Kerr finished 5th, a solid building block after starting the season injured. With a few more weeks before the World Cup season resumes, you know he’ll be looking to carry this form on to the second half of the season. 

Danny Hart was elated to capture the DH victory after a mediocre start to the season. Aggressive, committed,  and fearless; Innsbruck fans witnessed classical Hart. 

Photo credit: Sven Martin

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