Undefined Limits - The Highland Trail 550

Undefined Limits - The Highland Trail 550

The Highland Trail 550 (HT550) challenge stands as a true test of physical and mental resilience. Those that embark on this grueling adventure will experience some of the most epic landscapes that the Scottish Highlands has to offer. But with that epicness comes a very rugged, remote, and unforgiving nature.

What is the Highland Trail 550 challenge? The HT550 is an arduous, self-supported challenge, covering a staggering 885km & over 15,240M of elevation gain across the beautiful, yet unforgiving, Scottish Highlands – all against the clock.

Produced by Deviate Cycles, this documentary delves into the journey of Matthew Fairbrother and his trusty Deviate Highlander II, who recently took on the daring HT550, and the highs and lows of this exceptionally arduous challenge.

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Rider // Matthew Fairbrother

Produced By // Deviate Cycles

Images // James Vincent

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