27.5 Boost/XD P321

Synthesis DH 11 Carbon Wheelset

Optimiert, um deine Grenzen neu auszuloten.

  • Tuned Front and Rear Carbon Wheel System for downhill.
  • Front and rear specific wheels tuned and optimized to address the specific performance requirements and loads of mountain bike riding.
  • Compliant tuned front wheel improves handling and maximizes grip and control in turns.
  • Stiff tuned rear wheel supports peak loads and enhances stability and tracking at speed.

11 series


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Freehub Body
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Compatibility Tubeless ready / compatible

Engagement (I9)) 0,52° schneller Kraftschluss/sechs Sperrklinken

ETRTO 584mm (27.5), 622mm (29)

Hub (I9 Synthesis 11 (Industry Nine Hydra Hub)

Hub Type 6-Loch

Front Hub Dimensions (boost) 20mm

Front Hub Dimensions (standard) ISO 20mm

Rear Hub Dimensions 12 x 157 mm (montiert), 12 x 150 mm (Achsenendkappen-Kit erhältlich)

Inner Rim Width 31.5mm

Outer Rim Width 38.7mm (#front#), 39.5mm (#rear#)

Rim Height 18.75mm

Spoke Count 28 (#front#), 32 (#rear#)

Spokes Sapim CX-Ray (front), Sapim CX-Sprint (rear)

Weight 1945g (27.5), 1995g (29)

Warranty Lebenslange Garantie (nur Felge)

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