Crankworx Whistler: The Tour Concludes

Crankworx Whistler: The Tour Concludes

A week of riding and racing in the Mecca of mountain biking; Crankworx Whistler is something special.

From DH races to Whip Off World Championships, Crankworx Whistler delivers an array of events, hosted right in the heart of MTB paradise.

The Air DH race kicked off the week’s events in Whistler. A race down the famous A-line, testing riders’ ability to carry speed through the jump filled trail. Onboard our prototype carbon wheels, Magnus Manson landed in second place.

Nothing like a race win to celebrate your birthday. Finn Iles elected to race a trail bike for the Air DH race, finishing 1st and starting off 19 in style.

Dual Slalom was up next. Riders battle head to head to the elation of the crowd. Anneke Beerten looked good all night, finishing in 3rd.

Whip Off World Champs has become a staple of the Whistler event. After breaking his collarbone at the last Whip-Off, Kaos Seagrave was back in full force, showing no fear! 

A tie-dye jersey flying sideways through the air.. you already know it’s Trek Factory Racing’s Kade Edwards.

The last event of the weekend was the legendary Canadian Open DH. Tracey Hannah captured the win and looks strong heading into World Cup finals in a few days time.

The Elite men’s race was a packed field, all fighting for a podium spot on the dusty and blown out course. Mark Wallace clinched a top 5 position to end his week in Whistler.

Backing up his impressive performance in Air DH, the freshly crowned Canadian Champ, Magnus Manson, finished 3rd place in Canadian Open DH.

4 years, 4 races, 4 wins. In the simplest of terms, the Canadian Open DH belongs to Troy Brosnan.

Photos: Sven Martin + Boris Beyer 

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