UCI DH #4: Seagrave steals it!

UCI DH #4: Seagrave steals it!

Already deep in the history books of mountain bike racing, Val Di Sole once again delivered an electrifying final.

The unforgiving combination of rocks, roots, and rain made this year’s racetrack one to remember, challenging even the 1% of the mountain bike world.

The streak continues. No matter the conditions, Vali Hoell seems unstoppable.

Up at every split before a mistake in the final seconds of the track, Rachel Atherton finished a disappointing 2nd in Val Di Sole.

The look of pure joy; Tahnée Seagrave fought all the way to the line, picking up her second World Cup win of the season in the Valley of the Sun.

The French duo of Loic and Loris both succumbed to crashes in the finals but you know it’s only a matter of time before they’re back up on those podium steps.

10th place was not what Troy Brosnan was looking for. Good thing a shot for redemption is just 7 days away..

A rough start to his first year in Elite may have left Finn Iles scratching his head somewhat but this weekend he was back on form, finishing 8th and stamping his place amongst his peers.

Mark Wallace looked strong all weekend, taking to the treacherous conditions well and finishing in 6th place.

A mistake up high left Luca Shaw with some work to do but he fought back on the lower portions of the VDS track, finishing in 4th place.

Always a threat when things start to point steep, Danny Hart looked much more like his old self in Val Di Sole, securing a third place finish.

After almost crashing in the first turn Laurie Greenland put down one hell of a run, landing himself a long stay in the hot seat and a career-best finish! 3rd last race, 2nd this race; what does he have in store for Andorra?

Photos: Sven Martin & Boris Beyer 

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