Cleat Tool

Our new cleat tool is designed to simplify the cleat installation process, and is ideal for dialing in cleat placement for both left and right shoes (or across multiple pairs of shoes). The visual guides built into the tool allow the rider to consistently achieve their preferred lateral, fore/aft, and rotational cleat position, while the shape of the tool allows for increased leverage during installation to prevent accidental twisting. And, for Crankbrothers pedal users, the built-in tread depth gauge makes it easy to find the correct cleat shim thickness for an optimal shoe/pedal interface.


  • Molded cleat position indicators for easy alignment
  • Extra leverage to prevent cleats from twisting during installation
  • For Crankbrothers pedal users, includes four tread depth gauges for quick cleat shim and pedal setup
  • Crafted with 67% post-consumer recycled material
  • Compatible with Crankbrothers, SPD, and Time ATAC cleats
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Compatible Cleats:

Crankbrothers (all models)
Crankbrothers (all models)

Fore/aft, lateral, and rotational adjustment, plus cleat pocket depth gauge

Time™ ATAC
Time™ ATAC

Fore/aft, lateral, and rotational adjustment


Fore/aft, lateral, and rotational adjustment

Material 67% post-consumer recycled nylon

Warranty Lifetime

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