We thought we'd round out the year in style by showcasing our favorite Sven Martin bangers from this year's UCI Downhill World Cup. 8 races and thousands of images later, we've narrowed it down to 5 of what we think are the nugs of the year!




RACE: Leogang World Cup

DATE: June 16th, 2023

RIDER: Bernard Kerr

PRODUCT: Mallet Shoe & Mallet DH Pedal

Kicking things off, it's none other than Bernard Kerr grabbing a whole heap of throttle down the Leogang motorway section. This section was warp speed! It required the utmost dedication to speed from riders, and Bernard certainly didn't let up!


RACE: Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup

DATE: October 7th, 2023

RIDER: Kade Edwards

PRODUCT: Mallet DH Pedal

No one will ever compare to Kade Edwards. No matter what size wheels he's on, Kade is always out there doing things no one else would even think of. He is undoubtedly the most stylish World Cup rider of 2023. 


RACE: Val Di Sole World Cup

DATE: June 30th, 2023

RIDER: Erice Van Leuven

PRODUCT: Mallet DH Pedal

What a year it was for Erice Van Leuven. Her first year on the circuit and the results speak for themselves. Numerous first places, as well as a World Championship title! This turn in Val Di Sole felt the full force of exactly what Erice is capable of.


RACE: Vallnord World Cup

DATE: August 25th, 2023

RIDER: Loris Vergier

PRODUCT: Mallet DH Pedal

We love a good, crisp pan shot! High in the Andorra mountains, Sven caught Loris Vergier breaking the land speed record and absolutely lighting up the Andorran dirt.


RACE: Lenzerheide World Cup

DATE: June 10th, 2023

RIDER: Jordan Williams

PRODUCT: Mallet DH Pedal

Taking the top honors for this year is none other than Jordan Williams and that sweet, sweet taste of victory. It was a fairytale start to Jordan's Elite career, taking the top spot on his first Elite World Cup outing. It doesn't get much better than that!



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