Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large
Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large

Stamp 1 Gen 2 - Large

Redefined To Rip

The new Stamp 1 Gen 2 builds upon the Stamp legacy with a true concave body design for enhanced on-trail confidence, trusted Igus internal components for durability, and a new one-piece pin design for maximum grip and easy pin replacement. 

Crafted with an uncompromising commitment to quality, our updated Stamp 1 pedal boasts a robust nylon composite body and inherits the tried-and-true internals from our award-winning Stamp 7 flat pedals, keeping you supported lap after lap.


  • Optimal size-specific surface area
  • Thin, concave profile - 13.5mm to 15.5mm pedal body height
  • New one-piece replaceable traction pins, 10 per pedal
  • Upgraded, fully serviceable IGUS bearings & seal system
  • Stamp Small recommended for shoe sizes: 3-10 (US M) // 37-43.5 (EU)
  • Stamp Large recommended for shoe sizes: 10-15 (US M) // 43.5-49 (EU)





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Footprint 114mm x 111mm

Shoe Size US 10-15 // EU 43.5-49

Weight 348g per pair

Garanzia 5 anni

Inner Bearing Type Igus LL-glide bearing

Outer Bearing Type Igus LL-glide bearing

Body Material Composite

Hex Traction Pins 10 per pedal

Spindle Material Forged SCM 435 Chromoly Steel

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Grip On Demand

A true concave body design cradles your shoe and provides un-interrupted contact with the pins. The spindle and bearing design borrowed from our Stamp 7 pedal eliminates any "axle bump" or bulge down the centerline of the pedal, resulting in consistent, confidence-inspiring grip.

Lightweight & Durable

The Stamp 1 Gen 2's lightweight nylon construction doesn't skimp on durability - it's sleeker yet more robust than our previous iteration. 

Choose Your Size

Every model in our Stamp flat pedal range includes both a small and large size option to dial in your setup.